Seven Point 2 Alkalinity

Clean, Pure, Vegan and Organic

I want to introduce Seven Point 2. This company focuses on helping you get and stay in an alkaline state. Alkalinity is the body's optimal state of balance. I am NOT trying to be some network marketer or ask you to get on any autoship or come to any business builder meetings, LOL. I simply believe in the product. Seven Point 2 is the only protein and greens that I personally drink. Below are links to current products I consume and believe are a benefit to overall health and fitness. Especially the Shakes and Greens. Many shake companies talk about a two shake a day meal plan. And ANY 2 shake a day meal plan MAY give you weight loss results but what are they doing to you internally? ALL whey protein powders are toxic and inflammatory, they are the by-product from making cheese, and used to be thrown away until someone figured out a way to make money. It doesn't matter how "clean the cow" whey protein is inflammatory. And any inflammation causes your body to hold on to fat. The Seven Point 2 products are Organic, Vegan and have ZERO inflammatory response.

For More Information feel free to check out information below or HERE

We have them available for you now at PFT for the following:

7.2 Shakes $75
7.2 Greens $60
7.2 Recovery $45
7.2 Hydro FX Powder $55
7.2 Recovery FAQ's

Protein Bars on the Go


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Tuesday, 27 June 2017