Joe and Natalie

Home Gym: Lodi
Pure Former since: January, 2016

Where do you work out? This is a question I would often hear from people. I'd proudly say PFT. PFT changed my life, and my husbands life. Since coming to PFT my husband has lost 30 pounds, quit smoking, changed his diet completely and has committed to working out 5 days a week. I have lost almost 10 lbs, gained more muscle than I could have imagined and ran my first half marathon (something I never thought would be possible).

As a married couple and parents of three boys it's often times hard to find time to spend together. This fitness journey gave us the opportunity to grow closer together and work on a life changing goal together—to get healthy. Carl and Joel have been incredible trainers, providing us encouragement and a hellish/rewarding workout each week. Thank you to PFT for jump starting our fitness journey and thank you to PFT members for always encouraging and pushing us to the next level.

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