Home Gym: West Sacramento
Pure Former since: February, 2016

From Laurie's trainer: Meet Laurie (aka Lil' Bit)!! I'm so proud of this pint-sized powerhouse!! Laurie shows up everyday ready to work and is always asking questions; looking to learn and improve. An absolute valued member of our PFT Family!! Well done Lil' Bit!

Laurie's journey in her own words: "I have been going to PFT since February 1st, 2016. In that time, I dedicated 5-6 days a week toward my training and signed-up for the additional challenges that PFT has to offer. I have lost a total of 22 lbs and 11% body fat! I recently went to the doctor for an annual physical and was asked what I had been doing differently (my blood work had changed significantly for the better and was one of the best the doctor had seen in a long while). I had to tell him...PFT and their style of training and meal strategies!! It has changed my life. I feel great and hard work really does payoff."

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