Home Gym: Stockton
Pure Former since: 2016

Pure Form PFT has helped me drop over 30 pounds since January, and over 40 pounds from last year. I wear suits almost every day and couldn't even button some. Now I'm swimming in them.

With the birth of my high-energy daughter, I knew that I needed to make a lifestyle change. A saying kept echoing in my head..."there's a lot of old guys, and there's a lot of fat guys, but there's not a lot of fat old guys." I wanted to be able to keep up with her and be around through her big milestones in life. I knew I needed a change.

Carl cares about his clients, always working on form and technique, and helping to push us past our comfort zone and into a place where we see results. All are welcome, and you notice that when you're in class.

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