Home Gym: Lodi
Pure Former since: Fall 2016

PFT helped me to change my life! I have currently lost 59lbs, am down 39 years Metabolic Age, from size 20/2x plus size to size 8/medium and I am stronger than I have ever been!

I made a decision. I wanted health and fitness but had no idea how to reach it. I kept seeing check-in's from friends & video's of a really charismatic guy promoting this gym, PFT. And it just seemed right. I decided to join during the #PFTfallchallenge & declared that I wanted to win!! I took all the tools I was given: encouragement, support, nutrition & skill and did my absolute best. Was I the best there, no, but I was never made to feel otherwise. 6 weeks: down 18lbs, body fat down 6% & Metabolic Age down 21!! I won a year membership and gained a gym family that supports and cheers you on your entire way!! I have since then set out to, as I like to post, #getSTRONG.

I truly couldn't imagine or ask for a better gym or trainers! Each of my trainers is constantly helping me to better myself. David is a constant & daily support; always there with tips on setting and reaching goals. Never allowing you to falter or give up on yourself or your workout! Joel gives energy to his class like no other.. don't even think of quitting with him around! Josh has helped me become a runner. Am I fast no, but I can run .. and I love it! Bear, Saturdays are awesome with both you and Josh & your encouragement around; Wooooo!!! Carl, thank you for being that charismatic guy that can grab people's attention. Truly, Thank You guys for everything you put into each day at the gym. Your drive and dedication to each of us does not go unnoticed.

All my life I have been overweight and I honestly just figured that's how I was always going to be. But I changed my mindset and with the help of a dedicated gym I am constantly enjoying each goal I reach whether it be small or big! I owe tremendous thanks to those who helped me realize I can do this!!

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