Pure Form PFT

The people are AMAZING, they were totally accepting of my lack of ability. they never made me feel like what I could do wasn't enough. If you are looking to get healthy and need a push this is the place to go!!

Amanda Navarez

I am so happy that I found PFT! It is nice to have a great gym so close to home. The workouts are efficient, and very effective. The community is really great. And the owner, Michael, is very knowledgeable, like-able, and fun💪😊💪😊

Sara Delorena

One word: motivation! As someone who struggles to work out on my own, I love the community, motivation, and accountability the PFT family provides. The trainers are very knowledgable and approachable - Michael answers all of my questions about form and kinesiology with a smile :) The West Sac branch just moved to a new space and it's rad. I'd recommend this gym to people of any fitness level, as the workouts are easy to adapt to your needs.

Steph Bradley

Great workouts with great instructors. They will push you without being pushy, help you figure out where you are along the journey and get you headed in the right direction. This place has changed many things about my life and perspective in the past 7+ months, all for the positive and all of which I am extremely grateful for.

Donald Ratcliff

Love this place! Great classes, great coaches, and great members!

Jacqueline Rose

Pure form is a great place to work out, especially for beginners. The coaches make you feel good to keep on going and the workouts are very beneficial

Sandra Ramos Orozco

Awesome place to work out. If you’re training for Spartan this is the place to be. True family! Trainers guide you!

Tracy Gornto

PFT will not disappoint! PFT is a better workout than the traditional gym, hands down. After the first week, my back was feeling tons better! After 2, I had more energy. I could go on and on. Check it out, you won't regret it! You're worth it!

Vicki Engelke

Awesome trainers alway there to help motivate and there for any questions you have. Members there are approachable friendly and respectful. Definitely make long time gym friendships here. If you haven’t tried it out your missing out.

Sonia Garcia

The trainers and people are all very welcoming and encouraging. I was looking for a workout routine that I can do everyday. A place that I wouldn’t get bored going to and one that pushes me toward my individual goal not to pure exhaustion. I found it here!

The trainers are great at making sure everyone uses the proper form in each activity, and encourage you to challenge yourself every week.

Gina Izquierdo

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