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Carl Hultgren

Carl Hultgren is the owner and founder of Pure Form PFT and the PFT System. He is a Master Trainer with a degree in Sports Medicine from the University of the Pacific 99’ and has Personal Training certifications through ACE and Triathlon coaching certifications through USAT.

Carl’s parents were Physical Therapists and was surrounded by the “rehab” mindset growing up. So, when it came time for college, Physical Therapy seemed like the right fit. But then, he volunteered at a fitness center and saw how personal training could be life changing for people looking to stay fit and healthy, so they would not need a Physical Therapist. And that’s where the game changed. In 1997 Carl began training and twenty three years later…

In 2001, Carl opened his first studio and remained a one-man show for twelve years or so. Going through all the different changes in the economy and fitness “trends” in the marketplace, Carl has remained true to his core value: “The best exercise is the one you will do and keep doing.” And through constant learning, trial and error, and application… came The PFT System.

Inspired by his friend Tim Brown, Carl sought to make The PFT System available to the world and opened up multiple locations both brick and mortar locations as well as an online platform to allow people all across the globe to benefit from his system.

Always looking to improve the training and nutrition aspect of The PFT System, Carl has surrounded himself with great trainers and partners in business as he believes the power of creativity can best be expressed when people work together.

In his own words:

“People ask me what I do, ‘I change people’s lives through fitness and nutrition’ but it’s so much more than just that. I bring hope and a future to people who just want to be better today than they were yesterday”

The PFT System allows a person of ANY fitness level to achieve results going at their own pace limited only by their own intensity!

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