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Francine Matthews

Francine Matthews is our newest coach to PFT but definitely comes with tons of enthusiasm and love for working out. In 2017 Francine joined the PFT as a client after having a high risk pregnancy that brought her weight up to nearly 300 lbs. Francine has lost nearly 100 lbs. and still works hard every day to reach new goals.

Francine is an unstoppable force! She fights hard both in the gym and outside. Having had her first cancer diagnosis at 25 and then again at 28 Francine knows what it's like to have to fight for your life. Francine has since decided to live the healthiest, happiest, fittest life she can while she can.

Francine has a great passion for helping others at Galt PFT. She has a very approachable personality and infectious smile that will be sure to help ease the pain of the workouts. Francine is always ready to help and eager to encourage you when you struggle. She has a love for fitness and life that will be sure to rub off on you when you visit her for a workout.

As Francine likes to say, “Be happy, be healthy, be fit!”

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