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Renée Firebaugh

In 1996, Renée started working out at a local Elk Grove fitness center. It was then, that she discovered her true passion for Strength Training.

For many years, Renée trained solo; teaching herself proper form and technique. She experimented with different programs and training philosophies; tracking her progress. Overtime, this evolved into designing her own workouts to maximize training efficiency and create optimal progress.

In 2014, Renée's exercise knowledge, and skill set, reached new heights as she started training alongside Michael Rankin (now Head Trainer of Pure Form Training in West Sacramento).

August of 2015, Renée and Michael independently co-founded 90-day Trufit Challenge. This remote challenge focuses on a Flexible Meal Plan approach; providing accountability, support and custom meal plans. To date, six challenges have been completed, hundreds of clients helped and thousands of pounds lost!

2015 brought other opportunities for Renée. She started training 1-on-1 clients privately and even subbed on multiple occasions for Michael's Boot Camp class at a local West Sacramento gym.

In April of 2016, Renée started a group fitness class at Pure Form Training in West Sacramento specifically for women called: Bellies & Butts. This class focused on improving core and lower body strength. It was then, that she realized her love for group training.

Renée started coaching Pure Form Training group classes in May of 2017. She has since coached at multiple Pure Form Training locations and added over 30 posts to Pure Form Training's Form Friday blog: breaking down proper form techniques. Renée continues to evolve as a Pure Form Trainer; adding in corporate membership managing as well.

Helping others succeed has always been Renée's main purpose in life. Fitness and nutrition has become her main outlet that allows her to successfully reach, and impact, others. Although she's “all business” when she coaches, she leads with a full heart. Renée's loyalty to her clients is unwavering. She believes the ability to achieve greatness is in everyone! ♥

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