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Robert Shulz

Robert Schulz is a military veteran. He began at PFT in 2018 and has become the head trainer at the Stockton location.

Throughout his youth Robert struggled with weight loss and at 17 years old he weighed 245 lbs. It was then that he decided to make a change. He dedicated his time and energy into a healthy lifestyle, in the pursuit to enlist into the United States Navy. That commitment led to him shedding 50 lbs within the first year. After that, his discipline only got stronger and he continued his weigh loss journey. During his career in the Navy, he started body building and began training his associates. He would write workouts for them, shared his nutritional programs and meal prepping. Robert realized, he had a passion for helping others in fitness and health.

After being honorably discharged from the Navy in 2018 he moved back to California. His friend was a member of PFT in Stockton and invited Robert to try a class. He continued to go to the classes and showed an interest to the owner of becoming a trainer. About a month later Robert began training under Carl Hultgren and the rest is history. Robert was recently diagnosed with desiderative disk disease due to trauma his body endure during his service. Even with this ongoing injury it may have slowed him down, but I will never stop his passion for fitness. He continues to keep moving forward, modifying when he needs to. Robert hopes this will help inspire people, because in life sometimes things get tough. Sometimes you are forced to slow down and re-evaluate, but you never stop moving forward. You always need to push yourself to be better every day, in every aspect of your life.

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