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Form Friday: Speed Skaters

Happy Form Friday, Everyone! Today, I will be reviewing Speed Skaters! This is one of my favorite glutes exercises, so let's get you set-up properly!


This exercise is an alternating side-to-side exercise. No equipment needed. If this is your first time, find your rhythm, and focus on your form, before you push your pace. This is cardio exercise, so you do want to push your pace.

  1. Throughout this exercise, keep your abs flexed and squeeze your glutes. This will protect your back.
  2. Even though you will be in a bent-over position, make sure to keep you neck inline with your spine and your back straight. TIP: Pinch your shoulder blades together. DO NOT round your shoulders.
  3. Once in motion, focus your eyes about ten feet in front of you. TIP: This will keep your head and back higher and your butt down. This is better for your back. DO NOT look down at your feet. Your upper body will natural start to bend-over compromising your back.


  1. The arm on your supporting leg side, should be back behind you.
  2. For your stepping leg, keep it bent and let your knee pass behind your front calf.
  3. Hand on your stepping leg side, taps down on the floor.
  4. Squeeze your glutes, exhale and push off with your supporting foot to switch sides.
  5. Step wider, and push off the floor with more force, for a more intense workout.
  6. Step less wide, in shorter bursts, for a bigger cardio impact.
  7. To make the exercise harder, do not let your stepping/back leg touch the floor.



  1. If you have any back issues, stay more upright with your body and do not tap down.
  2. If you have knee issues, you can perform more of a Curtsy Squat side-to-side. No hops. Modify your depth to accommodate your knee(s). Stay more shallow; if need be.

That's it for this week's Form Friday! I hope this helps! If you know anyone that could benefit from our blogs or videos, please make sure you share! For more exercise breakdowns, checkout our blog! Until next time, make each day AWESOME!

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