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Form Friday: Wall Band Twist Aways

Happy Form Friday, Everyone! Today, I will be reviewing the Wall Band Twist Aways! This is a fantastic core exercise, so let's get you set-up properly!


This exercise is a two-sided exercise. I will be describing one side only. Make sure to execute this on both sides of your body.

In this video, I will go through the steps from the front view, but I will show a visual from the side view as well.

  1. Grab a wall band, stand facing parallel to the anchor point. If you are performing this in a PFT class, your Coach will instruct you on which way to face.
  2. Step away from the anchor point to set your tension. TIP: The further you are away, the more tension you will have. During the exercise, adjust accordingly.
  3. Your hand closest to the anchor point “cups” the band in a neutral-grip position.
  4. Your hand furthest from the anchor point “caps” your other hand in a neutral-grip position.
  5. Keep your arms completely extend “locked-out”, chest height and positioned at the center of your body. TIP 1: Pretend you have no elbows. TIP 2: Once your arms are extended, make sure your hands are inline with the wall band anchor point.
  6. Stand in a wide-stance with your feet pointed forward. This will create a stable base.
  7. Stand tall and keep your chest upright. During this exercise, do not fold forward.
  8. Flex your abs, thrust your hips forward and squeeze your glutes. This will protect your lower back.
  9. All the movement will be in your upper body. Keep your lower body static and square (hips facing forward). This exercise is a simple twist in your abs.


  1. Initiate with an exhale to properly engage your core muscles.
  2. Twist your core and drive your hands away from the anchor point.
  3. Stop just short of the wall band touching your forearm. TIP: Your eyes follow your hands.
  4. Bring your hands back to center by inhaling and releasing the band in a controlled manner.
  5. Repeat as necessary and address both sides of your body.


If you are not able to keep your arms completely extended, you may have too much tension on your band. You can release some tension by simply stepping closer to the anchor point. If this exercise is still feeling too difficult, change the wall band you are using. TIP: The thicker the wall band the more tension and harder it will be. Likewise, the thinner the wall band, the less tension and easier it will be.

That's it for this week's Form Friday! I hope this helps! If you know anyone that could benefit from our blogs or videos, please make sure you share! For more exercise breakdowns, checkout our blog. We have over 30 exercises to date!

Until next time, make each day AWESOME!

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