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Form Friday: TRX One-leg Suspended Push-up

Happy Form Friday, Everyone! Today I will be reviewing the TRX 1-leg Suspended Push-ups! This exercise can be challenging, so let's get you set-up properly! I will also be showing a couple modifications for this exercise.


I will only be demonstrating the exercise on one side. Make sure that you perform this exercise on both sides.

  • Place the toes of only one foot into one TRX hoop. TIP: Flex your foot towards your body. This will give you more control over your leg and keep your body in a straight line. DO NOT let your foot and leg go limp. This may cause your back to arc and make it hard to protect your lower back.
  • Next, double check that the TRX strap are hanging vertical. TIP: Adjust your positioning on the floor to correct this. DO NOT let your body's positioning on the ground, push the strap back toward the wall or out toward you.
  • Now that your lower body is in place, let's focus on your arms. Keep them vertical throughout this exercise. TIP 1: Shoulders over wrists. DO NOT let your shoulders travel behind or in front of your wrists. This may cause injury. TIP 2: If you have painful or injured wrists, simply turn your hands so your finger point out to either sides. This will help.
  • Flex your abs and squeeze your glutes to protect your lower back.
  • Keep your head neutral and inline with your spine. DO NOT let your head sink down.


  • Do your best to keep your legs together, and body straight, inhale and lower your upper body to the floor. TIP: Bend at your elbows.
  • Exhale and extend back up to the starting position. TIP: Push the floor away from you.
  • Repeat as necessary.


  • If this exercise is currently too difficult to execute with proper form, first, try performing this exercise with the toes down of your non-working leg.
  • If that is still too difficult, try performing this exercise with the knee down of your non-working leg.
  • Lastly, if you are still unable to complete quality repetitions, simply remove your foot from the TRX hoop and perform your push-ups with your feet on the floor; with or without the use of your knees.

That concludes this week's Form Friday video. If you know anyone that could benefit from PFT's blogs and videos, please share! Until next time, make each day AWESOME!

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